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The Mock-up and prototypes by AXENA design agency.
Specialized and reactive partners

Product design

Interface design

Sustainable design

Mechanical engineering
        and manufacturing follow-up

Mock-up and prototypes

After 2D and 3D images to visualise design proposals, fine tuning, then mechanical engineering, the volume step is a very important stage in our creative process.

Since long time, AXENA has built partnerships with specialised and professional Companies for mock-up or prototypes, depending of project steps:

  • Machined foam mock-up for ergonomic and handling validation.

  • Realistic mock-up for aesthetic, finish, validation and take photographies.

  • Rapid prototyping SLA, sintered powder, ABS... for technical validation of mechanical parts.

  • Silicon molds made from SLA for little functional quantities. Polyurethane parts with realistic finish like mass product.

AXENA insure management and control of the different supplies. All our partners involve themselves on parts quality and demonstrate of a great reactivity.