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AXENA, a design agency with more than 20 years experience
Reality through Imagination


Year of creation : 1989

A team of 8 people

Founder / Managing Director :

Christian STURTZER,
Studies Manager

A Worldwide dimension

AXENA Awards

Founded in 1989 by Christian Sturtzer, passionate and creative designer, AXENA is an independent Design agency, rich of a long experience of creation and conception for high valued and innovative products. The design agency steps in many fields: consumer and professional products, industrial equipment, interface ergonomics and design.

The team is made up of talented men and women, with complementary skills and sensibility, product designers, graphic designers, mechanical engineers, who supports you in a creative process. This process is based on use watching, constraints analysis, creative directions, image and volume formalisation, focus and manufacturing preparation.

AXENA Design house anticipate your future, giving relevant and innovative answers to market expectations, to make the difference and strenghten your brand image, bearing in mind industrial and eco-nomic factors.