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The product design by AXENA design agency.
A creative team

Product design

Interface design

Sustainable design

Mechanical engineering
        and manufacturing follow-up

Mock-up and prototypes

DESIGN process formalises a global reflexion subjected to many different constraints: brand image positioning, trends, using value, innovation perception, ergonomics, eco-design, industrial feasibility...

Each project is unique prospective / concepts or creative answer to client specifications and the success of the project development is due to steps sequences, dotted with validation stage. The team is responsive and brings you creative and relevant solutions, advises and supports you throughout the project.

Human being and use constraints are at the center of our ergonomics reflection physical or cognitive in order to bring adapted answers to users needs.

AXENA Designers are versatile and have a very good command on expression means and numeric tools: sketches and realistic drawings, 2D and 3D software, graphic touch pad, photo-realistic rendering...